Pat O’Toole

Ladder Livestock Company – Savery, Wyoming

Pat and his wife Sharon represent the fourth generation of a sixth generation ranch called Ladder Livestock Company. Together with their children and grandchildren, they operate in the Little Snake River Valley on the Colorado – Wyoming border near Savery, Wyoming. Their ranch is primarily in the business of raising and marketing sheep and cattle, though they do some farming, primarily of alfalfa and hay, for use as winter feed for the livestock.

Ladder Livestock is an operation that works with two Forest Service Ranger Districts, two Bureau of Land Management Districts, the Wyoming Game and Fish, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department, the University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, the Soil Conservation Service, the Audubon Society, The Nature Conservancy, Colorado Cattlemen’s Land Trust, neighboring ranchers, and several other interested parties.

Pat has served in the Wyoming House of Representatives, the Western Water Policy Commission, and is currently the President of the Family Farm Alliance, representing irrigators and water users in the western United States. Pat has a unique ability to work in a holistic and broad-based manner across philosophical and party lines.

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