Reese Thompson, Regional Representative East

Vidalia, Georgia


Reese Jordan Thompson is a sixth generation Georgian of Scottish descent, whose family has been tied to the land through forestry. Whereas for many several generations turpentine was the main business, tree farming, planting, and growing longleaf pine in harmony with the environment is the focus now.

A wise man once said, “If you see a turtle, or in south Georgia, a gopher tortoise, sitting on a fence post, he did not get there by himself.” Likewise, Reese could not be the good steward of the land, without the assistance of many agencies, organizations, and individuals. Reese was honored to serve 14 years on the Board of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Presently he is serving on the Longleaf Partnership Council, and the USDA Farm Service Agency Georgia State Committee. Reese was recognized by the Longleaf Alliance with the Gjerstad/Johnson Landowner of the Year Award in 2016 and by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service as the Southeast Regional Director Private Landowner of the Year in 2017.

“We are blessed with some undistributed land that is home to several threatened species: indigo snake, Eastern diamondback rattlesnake, gopher tortoise, and spotted turtle. My mission is to protect, enhance, and restore the longleaf ecosystem that has been entrusted to me, and set a good example for the next generation,” Reese says. “My good wife, Pam, a Registered Dietitian; son, Reese2; and daughter, Audrey, are actively involved.”

Reese is the creator of BURNER BOB, an animated Bobwhite Quail, whose mission is the educate people on the importance of using controlled prescribed fire to create good habitat for sensitive species. Visit BURNER BOB’s Web page.